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How can I upload waypoints from QGIS to my Garmin GPSmap 62 by using GPS Tools in plugins? I only manage to do it with an older Garmin GPS.

Regards Kaja

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Can you expand a lot more on your question and perhaps provide some screenshots, error messages, etc to be able to assist you? – dassouki Sep 7 '12 at 14:23
Agree, please add error message, platform, qgis version, etc. – Giovanni Manghi Sep 7 '12 at 17:00

I wonder if you are able to download data, in any case this link describes how to connect a garmin usb gps in Qgis

As everyone else has told you, a little bit of more information could be useful in order to help you.....

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Your question is a little vague as commented above, but I have been successful at getting waypoints (a qgis layer) into my magellan triton using the following process. I obtained the qgis plugin "PostGPS2gpx". This converts a selected qgis layer into a gpx file which can then be loaded into into your handheld gps with the software that came with your device rather than trying to cable directly to qgis.

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