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I'm using the ArcGIS Explorer Desktop (free viewer) - build 1750 (latest). It comes with several built in base maps, including OpenStreetMap. Is it possible to add to it OpenCycleMap: as well ?

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To have OpenCycleMap added to ArcGIS Online would involve asking Esri if that would be possible to do. You could do this via its contact form or by submitting an ArcGIS Idea (which I would vote for).

An alternative is that ArcGIS Explorer Desktop supports WMS, so if you could find someone providing a service URL for an OpenCycleMap WMS then this could be added via Add Content | GIS Services then setting Server Type: WMS. I've just looked quickly for an OpenCycleMap WMS without success. If you are in Great Britain then the OSM-GB project could be worth contacting.

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