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I think I already know the answer to this... which is "no", but I wrote this up so I'll ask anyways.

Is it possible using ArcObjects to extend/customize the ArcMap Find tool/dialog by adding a command to the context menu that appears when you right-click a search result? The command would also need to know the location of the item that was right-clicked.

Find tool dialog

I see that there is an IFinder interface one can implement to create a new find dialog but I just want to add a menu item to the existing one.

My goal is to provide an address lookup using a user-specified Geocoding service (i.e. what the "Locations" tab does), and directly run a custom identify command at the location of the user's chosen search result.

If I can't use the existing functionality to do this then it's not worth reinventing the wheel as it would just eliminate an extra step or two for the user. I'm also doing this within an ArcMap add-in, so implementing interfaces, registering component categories, etc. is not an option.

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