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I need to send and receive coordinates in NMEA format from a VHF radio to a computer. Any suggestions where to look in order to accomplish this task? The transmission will occur only when the user presses the PTT button. Thank you all.

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In amateur (licensed) radio, this is routinely done using APRS, which you might research. It involves an interface from the radio to the PC, including a TNC (Terminal Node Controller). I suppose there is no reason it couldn't be adapted to non-licensed VHF frequencies. More detail about your need would enable me to help you more.

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I already have licence for some frequences and I would like to use those. Could this APRS system run on my frequences? So I Have some stations that I need when they press the radio and only in the start of the press to transmit to a central station and not interesting for the others station , the gps coordinations! – Vagelism Sep 17 '12 at 15:52

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