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I want to split a line haveing zigzag(different angles) but bthere are many vertics. I have an option in Arc GIS 10 to split from vertics but i need to split only where the angle or dimension is changed

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Hamid, please clarify. What does this mean: 'where the angel or dimension is changed' ? Sounds like a vertex, but I think you're saying you don't want to split at vertices... – andytilia Sep 19 '12 at 10:42
you can try to generalize then splitline, arcpy.Generalize_edit("poly_line", "0.5") arcpy.SplitLine_management("poly_line", "poly_line_split") – geogeek Sep 19 '12 at 11:51

Here are a few steps that might help accomplish your task-

"Simplify Line" or "Smooth line" - to remove in-line vertices.

"Feature Vertices To Points" - covert vertices to Point features.

optional - snap points to the original line if they moved during Simplify line. (Arc 10.0, editing tools, snap)

"Split Line at Point" - break the original line.

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