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I am trying to write a python plugin for QGIS that can convert three vector layers into an object File for an urban climate model. Unfortunately I am stuck again with a possibly easy question:

How can I save a column from the attribute table of a vector layer to a variable (for later use)?

For example, I have a layer with buildings (build) with the hight of the buildings in field 35. I want to save all the building hights into a variable (theINPolyHField).

I tried the following:

build = canvas.layer(2)
build_prov = build.dataProvider()

theINPolyHField = build_prov.select([35], build.extent(), False, False) # but returns "None"
build.selectedFeatureCount() # returns 0

What am I doing wrong?

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2 Answers

According to the PyQGIS Cookbook all four parameters of select() are optional, so try this

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Hm, ok, that will shorten my code a little. Thanks! Unfortunatelly it doesn't seem to change the result. It still returns "None"… –  Dominik Froehlich Sep 20 '12 at 8:17
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After looking around for a while i analyzed another script and wrote me the following function:

def extract_attribute(layer, attribute_index): 
# function to extract a list of attributes from a layer
  qgis.mainWindow().statusBar().showMessage("Extracting layer fields")
  feature = QgsFeature()
  attr_list = []
      while layer.dataProvider().nextFeature(feature):
      attributes = feature.attributeMap()
return attr_list

There may be easier ways, but i think it does what i want… Thanks!

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