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I am trying to create a CSV File upload on GeoExt Map App. I need to place the upload function within the Ext.Action, so that I can add it to the toolbar of the GeoExt Panel. I am trying to implement this example. Here is my code,

action = new Ext.Action({
        text: "Upload Excel",
        control: new Ext.create('Ext.form.Panel', {
                title: 'Upload a CSV File',
                width: 400,
                bodyPadding: 10,
                frame: true,
                renderTo: Ext.getBody(),
                items: [{
                    xtype: 'filefield',
                    name: 'csv',
                    fieldLabel: 'CSV Upload',
                    labelWidth: 50,
                    msgTarget: 'side',
                    allowBlank: false,
                    buttonText: 'Select CSV File'

                buttons: [{
                    text: 'Upload',
                    handler : function() {
                        var form = this.up('form').getForm();
                                url: '',
                                waitMsg: 'Uploading the CSV File...',
                                success: function(fp, o) {
                                    Ext.Msg.alert('Success', 'Your csv file "' + o.result.file + '" has been uploaded.');
        map: map,
        // button options
        tooltip: "Upload CSV File",
        // check item options
        group: "newTool"
    actions["upCSV"] = action;

Firebug keeps giving me this error,

TypeError: b[d.xtype || e] is not a constructor

Am I declaring the function incorrectly within the Ext.Action?

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JavaScript is such a pain in the ass to debug!

I can't find the problem in your code but here are some points that will help you to find it:

  • Get the non minified version of Ext.

  • Put some "console.log('>> function x start')" , "console.log('<< function x end')" in your code.

  • As a final resource place "debbuger;" at the start.

Since it's a generic ExtJS question, you can also ask it at Stackoverflow.

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