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Basically I created a MBtiles using Tilemill and it generates a map with six zooms. I implement it into tilestream. I added a layer on the openlayers module(Drupal) in XYZ:


The problem is this URL sent by openlayers: site:8888/v2/geography-class/-1/x/x.png

Each time, whatever the zoom I am on the map, the zoom value always stays at -1, the others values are okay.

If I try to reach site:8888/v2/geography-class/1/1/1.png it works.

What did I miss?

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Possibly there is a configuration error on the openlayers side (e.g. not setting the numZoomLevels or setting it to zero, since the maximum zoom level is numZoomLevels-1.

See for configuration details.

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