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I have 64 vector layers, all of them must be warped using the v.transform module; the pointsfile is the same for all vectors.

How can I apply the transformation recursively to all layers?

I'm not bind to use GRASS, but I don't want (for a bunch of reasons) to merge all layers into one and apply the transformation on the single file.

Thank you guys

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Can you do it for just one vector? If you can its easy to batch it.

eg if this works for you:

v.transform input=in_vector_1 output=out_vector_1 xshift=11 yshift=12

then you can run this to one-shot them all:

for i in $(seq 1 74); do
    echo Transforming in_vector_$i
    v.transform input=in_vector_$i output=out_vector_$i xshift=11 yshift=12
    echo Done!

the trick is to name your data in a way you can iterate between them easily.

Be creative, adjust your scipt at your needs! (also I assume you're using linux with bash)

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and in the (horrible :|) case someone (me, for example...) is working under win7...? Can you sugest me a solution? – seba Sep 27 '12 at 10:02

I've managed to apply v.transform with an iteration like this, thank you

for map in `g.mlist type=vect pattern=map_*`; do
        v.transform in=$map out=${map}_georef pointsfile=points_georef --o
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