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Add vertices to lines

I am using QGis 1.8.0 I would like to densify a polilyne according to a particular length of segment (ex. 200 m). I know it is possible with other Gis. Is it possible in QGis?

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Am I right assuming that you are not looking for buffers? Do you want to insert new vertices ever e.g. 200 meters? –  underdark Sep 28 '12 at 6:16
@undermak. Yes you are right, sorry if I did not explain the problem correctly. I need to inserti vertices every 200 meteres. –  Francesco Sep 28 '12 at 8:31
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I assume what you mean by densify is effectively a buffer, where the line thickness is proportional to a function of the line length.

This can be achieved using a small amount of scripting. I am unable to write the script at present as I have no access to QGIS, however the pseudocode will be along the lines of:

FOR each polyline:
    buffersize = line_length * constant
    BUFFER polyline by buffersize
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Yes it is possible. Densify is located under the vector menu.


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