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How can I calculate all the possible paths between a group of points, taking into consideration the SRTM and the Slope ?

I am trying to do this in ArcGIS, my dataset is a group of points (shape format) and I have the SRTM and the Slope.

I've seen the Path distance tools but I have some doubts. My idea is to have a raster with all the possible paths between the different points, considering that someone would move by foot (and the time needed is not important), I just want to have an overview of all possible paths and the dificulty for now is not important.

Is it correct to use the Path distance tool giving only the STRM for both the in_surface_raster and in_vertical_raster ??

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How, precisely, do you plan to "take into consideration" the terrain? Everything hinges on that! As far as "all the possible paths" go, you need to apply some restrictions, for otherwise every feasible path is a solution (if you can walk along it, it's "possible"), and so you have learned nothing from the calculation apart from where the physical barriers are--but you probably knew that already. – whuber Oct 1 '12 at 15:11
I will take into consideration the elevation and slope. I am asking for some advise. So do I need allways to pass by the calculation of the cost between the points? – A.R Oct 1 '12 at 15:15

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