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Is it necessary to add tile layer for making a GeoJSON data rendered in web browser using Leaflet or any other API ?

I have a geoJSON data (I obtained the GeoJSON data by converting .shp file to GeoJSON using ogr2ogr) of a small hypothetical network which I want to render in the browser. My network when opened in QGis is shown in this link

For the above network it makes no sense to add a Tile layer of OSM or any other service. Is there a way I can render the network shown above in the web using leaflet or any other API ?

I'm very new to GIS related thing. Thanks in advance for help.

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There's no need to use a tile layer to display geoJSON features in most APIs. This looks like it does what you want in Leaflet.

One word of warning though. This method will get very slow when you start displaying lots of features- it's then you need to look at using a tile layer for performance reasons.

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