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I want to duplicate a polygon feature class and offset all of the polygons by about 10 feet in both the x and y directions. Is this possible to do using arcpy, or are there any geoprocessing tools that could help me do this?

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It could be done with arcpy. Take a look at my post on updating a feature's geometry. Instead of using an update cursor and modifying a the geometry in place, you'd create a new feature class, use a search cursor on your original feature class and write new geometries based on each feature in your original feature class.

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Thanks. Rather than defining a point and shifting it, how would I change this line of code to suite the shifting of a polygon? pnt = arcpy.Point(row.getValue(shapeName).getPart(0).X + 0.5, row.getValue(shapeName).getPart(0).Y + 0.5) – Tanner Nov 25 '10 at 0:48

As stated above, I would export data to a new FC and then turn on editing, select all and use the move command.

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I would have thought you'd do a Copy, Paste, then Move. The Editor menu's Move function lets you specify a delta x and y. However, I can't seem to find that function in arcpy.

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