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I have four layers in the LayerSwitcher. When the map is loaded all the layers are checked by default. I do not want to show all Layers as checked.How do I uncheck a layer when the map is loaded?

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Use the layer's setVisibility function to turn them off before you add them to the map.

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You can get idea from the view page source code of this example.

In given below example, I have added village layer which will be loaded unchecked default on map load. In that code, I have used setVisibility() function.

var village = new OpenLayers.Layer.WMS("Village", "http://localhost:8090/geoserver/cite/wms",
              LAYERS: 'cite:Village_Boundary_geo',
              STYLES: '',
              format: format,
              transparent: true
              singleTile: true,
              ratio: 1,
              isBaseLayer: false,
              yx : {'EPSG:4326' : true}


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Your answer would be more useful if it contained an example of the situation of the problem listed in the question and possibly some content from the link you provided. – Evil Genius Jun 23 '14 at 11:11

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