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I've read a lot about the topic data driven pages. I'm writing a python script for ArcGIS and I've defined my stripmap using the arcpy.StripMapIndexFeatures_cartography command and now I have to set up Data Driven Pages with all the parameters it needs. My only problem is that I cannot understand how to do this. Is there a specific command in the arcpy library or a specific workaround to do this?

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If you have not already gone through the ESRI arcpy.mapping tutorials and ArcGIS Resources pages, they have heaps of sample scripts to comb through. I would suggest looking at these first:


If you are using 10.0, you can find similar help topics for it on the 10.0 help site.

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Hi Ryan, and thanks for answering.. my exact problem is that the tutorial itself says: "Data Driven Pages must first be enabled and authored within a map document (.mxd) using the Data Driven Pages toolbar in ArcMap before it can be referenced with arcpy.mapping." – Annalisa Minelli Oct 7 '12 at 14:43
well.. now I'm trying to write a script to automatize everything - but I cannot - from how it seems. And maybe now I will be forced to stop my script at a certain point and say the user: "please, open the ddp setup and set this parameter in this way - this other in this way.." which is near horrible to me. But it seems there's no other way if I can't ENABLE data driven pages from arcpy, or arcpy.mapping.. or wahtever it is :( – Annalisa Minelli Oct 7 '12 at 14:46

You can largely avoid opening the reference mxd by using layers. This is generally how arcpy.mapping operates anyways, is through layer files.

For example, I have used a workflow which looks something like this:

  • arcpy.MakeFeatureLayer_management - here is where you can subset the data
  • arcpy.SaveToLayerFile_management
  • arcpy.mapping.UpdateLayer - allows you to switch out an existing layer in the mxd with the one you have created for your needs
  • arcpy.mapping.DataDrivenPages.refresh()
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