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Is there any python function allowing a user to rotate map layers in the map canvas. If so, could you please point this out for me?

I want to rotate a map layer, using a factor of rotation in degrees, into the map canvas so as to better fit and display all map elements in the layout. I tried using qgsAffine but I didn't succeed.

Thank for your help.

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Do you really wanna rotate a layer (e.g. change the geographical position) or do you just wanna rotate it for the final layout (in the print composer). If its the latter then have a look at the Advanced --> Rotation Field options – Curlew Sep 21 '13 at 15:11

type in "python console" >>>canvas.rotate(x). "x" is the number, in degrees, of how much you want to rotate the canvas. The canvas will rotate, but I think it's not what you want.

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