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When I try the following code, OpenLayers returns a zero result. What have I done wrong, here?

var map;

function loadMap () {

    // Based on example code: view-source:

    map = new OpenLayers.Map(el);
    var googleStreetMap = new OpenLayers.Layer.Google('Google Street Map', 
                                                      { numZoomLevels: 20 });
    var result = map.getNumLayers(); // Result == 0 :sad-panda:            

In the code above, I thought that the map.getNumLayers() should return 1 - considering i've asked to add a google street map.

Why is it returning zero, please?

UPDATE: something else to note: there is also no baseLayer :( I thought this would be the base layer???

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I think it's because addLayers expects an array of layers. If you just want to add a single layer, you should use map.addLayer instead. Or you could give addLayers what it wants:


I hope that helps.

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Also you can write map.addLayers([layer]). – drnextgis Oct 8 '12 at 7:14
Ha damn!!! Originally I had map.addLayers([layer1, layer2]); but removed the layer2 call .. and therefore forgot to remove the last 's'. DOH DOH DOH! Thanks heaps guys. Totally fixed the problem! – Pure.Krome Oct 8 '12 at 23:54

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