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How can I tell mapserver to ignore a filter that is set in a mapfile?

I am displaying a wms layer with point features using mapserver. In one of the layers in my mapfile I have defined a filter similar to this:

FILTER          "mycolumn='%myvalue%'"

such that I can use runtime substitution in a mapserver request similar to this one:

This works just fine.

However, sometimes I would like to display the entire dataset and thus forcing mapserver to ignore the filter.

Is it possible to deactivate the filter in a request?

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A working solution is similar to what @seruva19 suggested. The trick is to add a boolean value to the filter as an alternative to the previous filter:

FILTER    "(mycolumn='%myvalue%') or %allvars%"

where the validation forces the value to be TRUE

  "allvals"    "^TRUE$"

and the default of allvals is set to FALSE

    'default_allvals'   'FALSE'
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I'm not sure, but this trick may work:

  1. Add FILTER to validation block of the layer's description, like this:

          'FILTER' '.'
  2. When you want to show all of the data in your layer, add the following string to your URL request :


I hope this will help.

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thanks a lot seruva19, your answer hinted in the right direction, helping me to get to the solution. I did not understand how yours works exactly... – yellowcap Oct 9 '12 at 19:25

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