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i want to export a map for later editing before print, so i thought about converting all the annotations and and graphics and save them in the .mxd map.

when i export graphics after exporting labels , the graphics cover some labels, and there is no option to make the graphics in back level. but when i export the graphics before exporting labels, the labels makes some displacement due to some maplex config, despite making a maplex lock on labels, it cannot be fixed.

Is there a way to manipulate graphics and annotation as layers despite saving them in the map?

if there is an alternative solution to edit map in a CAD like style before print is welcome.

i'm using ArcMap 10.1.

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" You can edit annotation - or setup a rule or two with the Maplex engine to not clash with other text,annotation or features"

Maplex Engine Rules

Preventing overlapping

Reducing the label size

When you happy with the results then you can convert into annotation.

Maplex is now standard with the Standard/Advance version of ArcGIS 10.1

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