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I have build an ITool where one can add text (ITextElement) to the map. The user can choose the symbol from the ESRI symbology. There one can choose a symbol called "Banner Text" which looks like this in the preview:

Banner Text Symbol Preview

When one adds the text with this symbol, only the rectangle is shown without the 'pointer'. How can I edit this pointer? I didn't find any information about it. Maybe I'm simply missing the right name or search phrase for it.

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In ArcObjects? Set the callout's AnchorPoint property to an IPoint at the desired map coordinates.

VB example here:

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Thanks. So ICallout is the name I was looking for :) – gumo Oct 10 '12 at 6:57

When you select it with the cursor there will be 4 corner "blue boxes" or grips.
And one grip located elsewhere ussually in the box by default.
That is the grip you want to pull to the location
enter image description here

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