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I'm trying to find a way to request public transportation info from the OSM XAPI. Those nodes can be best described as:

highway = *

member of = ( route = bus )

Is that even possible to do over the XAPI or do i need to query it from the planet data?

this is what i tried but with no success[route=bus][bbox=100.63584242503583,13.659388026297398,100.65300856273045,13.66877069028344]
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you need to find the route number of the bus - example… – Mapperz Oct 9 '12 at 17:21

Use overpass query like this

<osm-script> <union> <query type="relation"> <has-kv k="type" v="route"/> <bbox-query s="27.6839" n="27.7299" w="85.2885" e="85.3368"/> </query> <recurse type="relation-way"/> <recurse type="way-node"/> </union> <print/> </osm-script>
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