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I want to draw a roundabout in a road map in ArcMap 10. They are usually perfectly round circles.

How can I do this?

I am struggling to find a good way to do this.

It takes ages with the Line tool and Curve tool.

Can anyone help, please?

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This one's a workaround

  • Digitize roundabout as circle in a polygon layer
  • Use Polygon to Line Tool to convert it to a line feature
  • Copy line feature to road layer

Would take a few steps but it should still be faster than fiddling around with the Line and Curve tool. Also found a tutorial on creating roundabouts in the ESRI Resource Center but unfortunately, they're not all that concerned about keeping it perfectly round ;-)

enter image description here

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Thanks. My problem (which I did not include in the question) is that i am editing in a geometric network which means that closed polylines is a no-go. I think, this calls for a home made circle draw tool. – Morten Oct 11 '12 at 8:45

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