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I'm having some problems using IfieldChecker.

I have this following code, which I'm trying to test permitted/not permitted fields, according to my workspace

public IEnumerable<IFieldError> GetFieldErrors()

        IFieldChecker checker = new FieldCheckerClass();
        IEnumFieldError fieldErrors = null;

        checker.ValidateWorkspace = this.WorkspaceHandler.GetCurrentWorkspace;
        checker.Validate(this.Fields,out fieldErrors,out this._ValidatedFields);

        if (fieldErrors == null)
            yield return null;
            IFieldError fError = fieldErrors.Next();

            while (fError != null)
                // debug only  

                yield return fError;
                fError = fieldErrors.Next();

        yield break;

Heres the test

    public void FieldBuilder_TestGetFieldErrors()
        fBuilder = new FieldBuilder(this.wHandler);

        fBuilder.AddField(name, alias, esriFieldType.esriFieldTypeBlob, length, doublePrecision, doubleScale, false, false, null,
            false, null);

        Assert.AreEqual(2, fBuilder.GetFieldErrors().Count());

In my opinion, this should yield 1. The test completes, and it gives me a green light, but it should fail, since I'm testing with a bunch of values (1, 2, etc.);

The workspace I'm creating is one on C:\, therefore, should not allow a Blob field type.

Any ideas why this is working like this?

EDIT: I'm working under the premise that after setting the workspace, ArcObjects would take care of validating it and telling me which types of fields are permitted or not.

Example: FileSystemWorkspace - cannot have Blob field types;

Or, does IFieldChecker does not work the way I'm thinking?

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What's the output from the Console.WriteLine() calls? – Javier Mollá Jul 27 '10 at 9:50
I don't think we should be using tags for specific interfaces... that would get messy real quick. – JasonBirch Aug 13 '10 at 22:55
no problem jason :P – George Aug 14 '10 at 22:07
Shouldn't those last couple of parameters to Validate be ref, not out? I'd have to gin up a test here to be sure, but this sort of thing has nailed me before. IFieldChecker.Validate documentation – Herb Sep 1 '10 at 12:07
No, the type library importer turns it into "out". Anyway, in C#, you cannot freely interchange out and ref modifiers, using ref when the signature defines a parameter as out wouldn't even compile. – Petr Krebs Sep 1 '10 at 12:49
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Short version is that the types are (apparently) not checked. I can get Validate to fail for a shapefile if I give it a long field name, or names with invalid characters, but not by giving a bad data type. The documentation does imply that it's only checking names as it states:

"The error codes are stored as a esriFieldNameErrorType." See esriFieldNameErrorType.

What's interesting is that when I feed it a esriFieldTypeBlob and call Validate, the field type gets changed to esriFieldTypeInteger, even though no error is thrown.

It's kind of implied by the other [out] parameter - "fixedFields". It's thoughtfully fixed your incorrect field definitions for you.

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