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I have download a 1: 25000 map from Digimap. It came as a tif file along with a tfw file. When I try to import the tif file as a raster layer, I get the following message: 'this layer appears to have no projection specification. By default, this layer will now have its projection set to that of the project, but you may override this by selecting a different projection below'. I then need to pick a projection.

The message suggests that the tif isnt georeferenced. How can I georeference the image to a WGS84 projection?

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Try to Import into what application? DigiMap at 1:25k sounds like Ordnance Survey Explorer - which will be in OSGB36 (British National Grid) - they will need to be reprojected to WGS84 (slight flatten north/south will occur) – Mapperz Oct 12 '12 at 13:40

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