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I need some some with a queryfilter whereclause that is giving me a headache.. All it does is convert the search to uppercase and preform the search whether the result is uppercase or not (e.g. it will find "Jones" or JONES") I have the following code in my VBA app

Dim pQF as IQueryFilter
Set pQF = new QueryFilter
pQF.WhereClause = "upper(" & strFieldToSearch &") LIKE '%" & UCase(Replace(strSearch,"'","''")) & "%'"

in my c# code I have tried various way including

queryFilter.WhereClause =  searchField + " LIKE '%" + search.Replace("'","''") + "%'";

queryFilter.WhereClause = strSearchField.ToUpper() + " LIKE " + "'%" + strSearch.ToUpper() + "%'";

But it cant find the record.

What am I doing wrong?


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Just tried the following

queryFilter.WhereClause = "upper(" + strSearchField + ") LIKE'%" + strSearch.ToUpper() + "%'";

and got it working.

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