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My friend and I are creating a walking network, and we have been having issues getting the routing to work. We just realized that the reason why our routes are messed up is because we snapped our routes to edges as well as endpoints. The routing works fine where the lines are snapped at endpoints because they share a common vertex, but when snapped to edges only one line has a vertex at that location, and the network doesn't see them as connected. Is there a tool or function that will automatically create a matching vertex on the other line?

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What licence level is your ArcMap?

Intersect should work with a set tolerance. should create a new polyline with nodes where your vertices were.

You will need to rebuild your network afterwards

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I had to perform an Intersect of the network on a copy of itself, and the output was a third copy of the network but with all the correct vertices. Thanks. It worked flawlessly. – Tanner Nov 16 '10 at 19:49

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