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I'm using the "ArcGIS Server Manager" to create "Web Applications" with my maps. In ASP.NET project has a "web.config". How do I get my "web.config" come with some "tags" standard?

More specifically, these tags would be:

< configuration> < configSections> < /configSections> <> < settings> < >>servicePointManager expect100Continue="false" /> < /settings> < /> < >>/configuration>

These tags are described in: How do I use a layer of Bing / Google a "WebApplication" in "ArcGIS Server Manager"?

I thank all the GIS forum! Thank you!

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I managed to bring my Web.config file with my default tags, when I create a new Web Application.

I changed the file:


Hint: make a backup before, and put in the same directory.

Thank you! :)

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Can you please hit the green tick next to this answer. It lets the community know that this Q is solved. Thanks for sharing how you solved it. – Simon Oct 18 '12 at 10:55

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