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Hi I am kinda new to all of this and appreciate any help. (no critisicm please, questions welcomed)

I would like to hyperlink a pdf to a point. Each point will have a link to a different pdf. So far it seems that I can do it one by one. Is there a quicker way of doing it?

Thanks for your patience with the Newby

We're using ESRI ArcMap

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what software are you using? – Kurt Oct 16 '12 at 18:33

The software will be very important to know. Here are two posts that explain how to do something very simular as Actions in QGIS.

Hyperlinking in QGIS - Add Data to current window

Hyperlinking to PostGIS Layers and Zip files with QGIS Actions

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We are using Esri's ArcMap-ArcView – user12018 Oct 18 '12 at 15:18

The way I have done it in ArcMap is the following (note that it may be a little different if you are using an older version, I am using 10.0).

  • In your attribute table add a field with the absolute path to the PDF files (ie: c:\Temp\PDFs\Document1.pdf)
  • With the shapefile you want to use as the linking file allow hyperlinking according to a field
    • Open the properties of the file
    • Go to Display
    • Check Support Hyperlinks using field
    • Choose the field that stores the absolute path to the pdf
    • Click OK
  • To access the PDFs from the hyperlink field you will want to use the Hyperlink button (the lightning bolt)

Happy Hyperlinking!

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