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I want to cutomize the Geoserver GetFeatureInfo Popup. I want to add image against each parcel I click. For this purpose I've read to change the content.ftl file of geoserver. But I found that file in wms.jar file. So, I extract it and after changing the content.ftl file, when i agin convert into .jar file, Geoserver doesn't work. Is there a solution to it? Any other suggestion to add the image along Featureinfo.

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did you check out GetFeatureInfo Templates here? i think it helps you about your problem.

So, what do you have to do if you want to override the custom templates? Well, it depends on which template you want to override.

header.ftl and footer.ftl are type independent, so if you want to override them you have to place a file named header.ftl or footer.ftl in the templates directory, located in your GeoServer GeoServer Data Directory. On the contrary, content.ftl may be generic, or specific to a feature type.


i hope it helps you...

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I read it, but as I mentioned in the question, above tutorial said to change the content.ftl file. But that file i found on my geoserver directory as embeded in the wms.jar file. So after unpaking it and changing the content.ftl file, when i again convert the wms file into wms.jar file, geoserver doesn't work. – muzaffar Oct 18 '12 at 7:05
you are supposed to change the content.ftl file in your data directory look for the workspace and datafile names. – iant Oct 18 '12 at 8:58
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By default, the content.ftl file is not placed in the workspace datafile. So, we have to create it in case we want to modify it. Hence, Simply make a new file with type .ftl. And write it according to Free Markers Syntax.

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