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I am using ArcGIS Server Manager to create Web Applications (ASP.NET).

I would like the customer to access has an option to export your vision to PDF or Image, or both.

I would like to generate the file, keep up the zoom, pan, measurements and other iterations that the user made. It would be like a "Print Screen" on your computer, and generates the PDF/Picture file.

I thought about using some javascript API, but not found.

I thought about using Model Builder, but not tried it yet because I think it will not keep the iterations of the user did on the screen: zoom, pan, etc..

I have ArcGIS 10, with SP5.

Does anyone have a clue how to do this export functionality PDF / Image file on a Web Application?


I'll try to do this:


In my Web Application standard:


Now I'm fixing my computer to to do this. When I do then I'll share with you. ;)

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