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What is the best solution to publish postgis rasters using Geoserver?

I have spent a lot of time trying to create a Raster datasource using Image Mosaic JDBC but with no luck.

Steps performed:
1. Downloaded and Installed the JDBC Image Mosaic extension (worked ok)
2. Created the "Connection Parameter" files:


  <dstype value="DBCP"/>
  <username value="postgres" />
  <password value="password" />
  <jdbcUrl value="jdbc:postgresql://localhost:5432/db1" />
  <driverClassName value="org.postgresql.Driver"/>
  <maxActive value="10"/>
  <maxIdle value="0"/>


<spatialExtension name="postgis"/>
    <masterTable name="mosaic" >
        <coverageNameAttribute name="name"/>
        <maxXAttribute name="maxX"/>
        <maxYAttribute name="maxY"/>
        <minXAttribute name="minX"/>
        <minYAttribute name="minY"/>
        <resXAttribute name="resX"/>
        <resYAttribute name="resY"/>
        <tileTableNameAtribute name="tiletable" />
        <blobAttributeName name="rast" />


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>
<!DOCTYPE ImageMosaicJDBCConfig [
  <!ENTITY mapping PUBLIC "mapping"  "mapping.postgis.xml.inc">
  <!ENTITY connect PUBLIC "connect"  "connect.postgis.xml.inc">]>
<config version="1.0">
  <coverageName name="gfm"/>
  <coordsys name="EPSG:25832"/>
  <!-- interpolation 1 = nearest neighbour, 2 = bilinear, 3 = bicubic -->
  <scaleop  interpolation="1"/>
  <verify cardinality="false"/>

where "mosaic" is a table (columns: name, titletable,minX,minY,maxX,maxY,resX,resY) containing one row: "gfm, testrastertable, , , , , , ,"

3. Saved the config files in ../geoserver/data_dir/coverages/
4. While trying to add an Image Mosaic JDBC data store I receive the following error:

Error: Could not list layers for this store, an error occurred retrieving them: Unable to acquire a reader for this coverage with format: ImageMosaicJDBC

Update: Geoserver log

2012-10-24 14:09:11,404 DEBUG [org.geoserver] - Thread 14 locking in mode WRITE
2012-10-24 14:09:11,404 DEBUG [org.geoserver] - Thread 14 got the lock in mode WRITE
2012-10-24 14:09:11,406 DEBUG [geoserver.config] - Persisting coverage store raster_store
2012-10-24 14:09:11,408 DEBUG [geoserver.config] - Persisted org.geoserver.catalog.impl.CoverageStoreInfoImpl to /opt/geoserver/data_dir/workspaces/raster/raster_store/coveragestore.xml
2012-10-24 14:09:11,416 DEBUG [geoserver.config] - Persisted $Proxy15 to /opt/geoserver/data_dir/global.xml
2012-10-24 14:09:11,438 ERROR [imagemosaic.jdbc] - 
2012-10-24 14:09:11,438 WARN [imagemosaic.jdbc] - 
    at org.geotools.gce.imagemosaic.jdbc.ImageMosaicJDBCReader.<init>(ImageMosaicJDBCReader.java:163)
    at org.geotools.gce.imagemosaic.jdbc.ImageMosaicJDBCFormat.getReader(ImageMosaicJDBCFormat.java:209)
2012-10-24 14:09:11,439 INFO [geoserver.web] - Getting list of coverages for saved store file:coverages/osm.postgis.xml
java.lang.RuntimeException: Could not list layers for this store, an error occurred retrieving them: Unable to acquire a reader for this coverage with format: ImageMosaicJDBC
    at org.geoserver.web.data.layer.NewLayerPageProvider.getItems(NewLayerPageProvider.java:115)
Caused by: java.lang.Exception: Unable to acquire a reader for this coverage with format: ImageMosaicJDBC
    at org.geoserver.catalog.CatalogBuilder.buildCoverage(CatalogBuilder.java:812)
    at org.geoserver.web.data.layer.NewLayerPageProvider.getItems(NewLayerPageProvider.java:82)
    ... 95 more
2012-10-24 14:09:11,441 DEBUG [geoserver.config] - Removing coverage store raster_store
2012-10-24 14:09:11,446 DEBUG [geoserver.config] - Persisted $Proxy15 to /opt/geoserver/data_dir/global.xml
2012-10-24 14:09:11,459 DEBUG [org.geoserver] - Thread 14 releasing the lock in mode WRITE
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turn logging up to verbose and check the log file –  iant Oct 24 '12 at 10:59
just updated with the log...doesn't tell me too much –  asp Oct 24 '12 at 11:21
As no-one here seems able to help, you could try the GeoServer mailing list: geoserver.org/display/GEOS/Mailing+Lists –  GIS-Jonathan Nov 9 '12 at 14:49
Any update on this question? –  Pablo Mar 15 '13 at 17:13
No updates... I had to drop the idea of creating a JDBC Image Mosaic because i just couldn't create it in Geoserver. I am using now the ImagePyramid store and files are kept on the disk. –  asp Mar 25 '13 at 17:35

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Following the configuration instructions for the PostGIS raster plugin, you should try replacing

<spatialExtension name="postgis"/>


<spatialExtension name="pgraster"/>

in configration file mapping.postgis.xml.inc.

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