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Has anyone played around with using ArcObjects in Python at version 10.1?

I am having all sorts of problems, such as TypeErrors when wrapping the ESRI OLB modules and AttributeErrors when attempting to use a method or property of a wrapped module.

Anyone had any better luck?

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Aha -- there is a fix for this on the ArcGIS Forums: 10.1 beta and comtypes

I noticed that the current version of comtypes croaks when trying to wrap esriSystem.olb. Fortunately, you can remedy this by adding the following entry to the _ctype_to_vartype dictionary in automation.py:


After making that little tweak it works fine (so far).

Edit: This is also mentioned on page 5 of Mark Cederholm's 2012 Dev Summit presentation: ArcMap and Python: Closing the VBA Gap

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+1 Unfortunately, this doesn't fix everything, though. calling comtypes.client.GetModule on esriDataSourcesOleDB.olb, esriGlobeCoreUI.olb, and esriSchematicControls.olb still generates attribute errors. Furthermore, the coclasses that should be accessible in esriFramework.olb (such as AppROT), aren't. –  Matthew Plourde Jul 16 '13 at 19:00
Anyone tried this fix for 10.2 with results? –  Conor May 7 at 15:19
Works fine for me with the above fix. –  blah238 May 7 at 15:22
Fix above worked for me in 10.2, Thanks @blah238 –  dklassen Jul 7 at 22:46

To gain access to arcobjects (10.1) via python I had to delete automation.pyc, automation.pyo, safearray.pyc and safearray.pyo in the comtypes directory. I also deleted all of the files in the C:\Users\USER_ID\AppData\Roaming\Python\Python27\comtypes_cache and had to change the ProductList = [esriSystem.esriLicenseProductCodeArcInfo, esriSystem.esriLicenseProductCodeArcEditor, esriSystem.esriLicenseProductCodeArcView] to [esriSystem.esriLicenseProductCodeAdvanced, esriSystem.esriLicenseProductCodeStandard, esriSystem.esriLicenseProductCodeBasic]. The last thing that I did was search the syntax for all “10.0” strings and replaced them with “10.1”.

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