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We're currently using PixelSense to convert raw SPOT5 images to natural color ones for display and printing. Do you know a good algorithm to perform the same task as we want to ingest raw images in an image server and provide an image service with on the fly natural color conversion.

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An option is to perform these steps:

  • generate a synthetic blue channel
  • balance the colors by outlier removal through analysing the channel historgrams. For a GPL'ed approach, see here
  • then create the RGB composite

Concerning the generating of a synthetic blue channel:

Since I don't have SPOT5 data here, I cannot make a test. But I found this formula (Knudsen):

Blue_synth = 0.70 × Green + 0.24 × Red - 0.14 × NIR
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The first step is where the magic lies, I guess. Care to elaborate please ? – GuillaumeC Nov 27 '10 at 23:11
I have edited my previous answer, see above. – markusN Nov 30 '10 at 21:43

If you are using ESRI software; check out this thread:

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