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how can I create a polygon, containing the actual outlines (aka footprint) of a raster file with postgis?

I just need the outlines of the data containing parts of the raster.

ST_PixelAsPolygon creates a complex polygons - but I just need the footprint.

There is a similar question here How do I create a shapefile showing footprints of Rasters?, but the answers do not cover postgis.


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Use the ST_Envelope function:

SELECT ST_Envelope(rast)
  FROM raster_table;

This will return a rectangular bounding box for your raster(s). PostGIS describes what this function returns as:

Returns the polygon representation of the extent of the raster.

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This gives me just a rectangular envelope (bounding box). I'm looking for a polygon which describes the data area of the raster. With satellite pictures the resulting polygon will be a trapezoidal shape in most cases. – I. Gona Sep 11 '13 at 7:52
The shape can be projection-dependent. Why don't you try ST_PixelAsPolygon followed by ST_ConvexHull? – Arthur Sep 11 '13 at 17:55

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