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Does anyone have any experience of scripting or batch processing with ISIS Mapper?

I am working on a large modelling and mapping project that will require the processing of significant numbers of 1d models through ISIS Mapper. Has anyone had any experience of scripting tools in ISIS mapper to batch process the extraction of model results or the interpolation of 1D results?

A google search and hunt through the information provided by Halcrow doesn't provide any suggestions.



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Please help Ed and I, because I have the same problem. I have only basic knowledge when it comes to python and have to write script that retrieves the integrated-ISIS IGP network topology from a Cisco, Juniper and Alcatel router and stores the topology in an abstract graph format(such as graphml). The command to get this information on Cisco might be "show isis database verbose" – user14012 Jan 7 '13 at 13:15

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