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I installed PySAL but i can't find the toolbox for ArcGIS.

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pysal is a Python module, not an Esri product. You'll have to write your own pySal tools and place them in a toolbox.

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No longer the case; Xing Kang from ASU interned at Esri this summer and worked on integrating PySAL into ArcGIS. There are now TBX files for PySAL tools, though they are apparently not yet online anywhere for download. There is a powerpoint presentation on the PySAL web page that suggests they will be integrated in ArcGIS 11. –  Jason Scheirer Nov 6 '12 at 1:01
PySAL is now available as a toolbox for download on this page: geodacenter.asu.edu/software, see this download: geodacenter.org/downloads/unprotected/PySAL_ArcToolbox_v3.zip –  scw Jun 4 '13 at 22:18
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You can find a toolbox on this page:


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