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I have a workspace whose command line call is like so:

fme.exe DwgImporter.fmw
          --SourceDataset_ACAD Z:\FME\Data\DWGs\*.dwg
          --DestDataset_MSSQL_ADO IHS_TPW
          --SourceDataset_GEODATABASE_SDE sde

Is it possible to somehow add my own custom input arguments that can then be read from within the workflow? Something like:

fme.exe DwgImporter.fmw
          --SourceDataset_ACAD Z:\FME\Data\DWGs\*.dwg
          --DestDataset_MSSQL_ADO IHS_TPW
          --SourceDataset_GEODATABASE_SDE sde
          --CustomArg1 arg1
          --CustomArg2 arg2

Or does anyone know of another way to pass in variables at runtime?

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More generally, you need what is called a "published parameter" -- you don't have to use the ParameterFetcher to pull them out in a workflow either. This FAQ describes what I'm talking about very concisely, and if you grab section 4 of the online FME self study course at, on page 4-24 and 4-25 these are explained more as well.

Hope this helps.


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