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Possible Duplicate:
Tools to flatten the jp2 to a single band (average the bands)?

I have a number of raster files from a same area, that coordinates of corresponding pixels perfectly match one another. I have to perform simple operations like producing a raster that its pixel values are the average of a 3 raster files corresponding pixel values. Simply speaking, I want a new raster file that is average of 3 other raster files.

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Search our site on "+raster +average" to find several duplicates of this question, each with good answers. Cheers! – whuber Nov 7 '12 at 16:50
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Have a look at You'll probably find some useful examples here

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If you want a GUI use the QGIS Raster Calculator. Though the documentation is sparse, it should be really easy for you to figure out how to use it to calculate the average of multiple rasters.

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