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I have a table containing 3D geometry in a PostGIS 2.0 database (the geometry is of type LINESTRING Z).

I need to get the geometry out and into a DXF, DGN or 3D Shapefile. What is the easiest way to do this?

(I was sure I had achieved this via QGIS before, but it seems to remove the Z value and produce only a 2D file when attempting a 'Save As ...' from a PostGIS layer).

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GDAL is able to do this. The following command creates a 3D Shapefile:

ogr2ogr -f "ESRI Shapefile" "~/myshape" PG:"user={user} password={pass} dbname={dbname} host={host}" {table}

QGIS is not able to handle 3D geometries. I would be very surprised, if it would be able to transform 3D information from one format to another.

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Hello, I don't know why but this solution doesn't work for me. I have 2 GEOM columns (specified to ogr2ogr as -geomfield). 1st is type GEOMETRY(MULTILINESTRINGZ) and 2nd is GEOMETRY(LINESTRINGZ). They store same line made only from two points. I can't visualize none of them in ArcScene/ArcGlobe. They act as 2D. Should I specify CRS in data type? Should I add Z CRS somehow? Here is example of ST_AsText of these geometries... LINESTRING Z (2.17766 41.3885803 0,2.18333 41.3833 754) ..... MULTILINESTRING Z ((2.17766 41.3885803 0,2.18333 41.3833 754)) .... Thanks for advice and your time. – DavidK Jan 10 at 18:56
This is not related in any way to Arc* products' support to display 3D geometries. Is there evidence that it's the shapefiles' produced with ogr2ogr fault? If not, I'd recommend contacting your local support center or asking a new question. – Matthias Kuhn Jan 11 at 12:15

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