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' set the active display Dim disp As ESRI.ArcGISExplorer.Mapping.MapDisplay = ESRI.ArcGISExplorer.Application.Application.ActiveMapDisplay

    ' define the item that selected by user
    Dim SelItem As ESRI.ArcGISExplorer.Application.SelectedItemsCollection = ESRI.ArcGISExplorer.Application.Application.SelectedItems

    ' define the name of selected item
    Dim SIName As String

    ' define a featurelayer for selected item
    Dim FLitem As FeatureLayer

    ' get the name of user selected item
    SIName = SelItem.Item(0).ToString()

    'display the name on the label
    Label1.Text = SIName

    ' find the featurelayer that has the name which equals to the one user selected
    FLitem = disp.Map.FindByName(SIName)

    ' create a new bindtable and fill it with featurelayer's table
    Dim FLbind As TableBindingAdapter
    FLbind = New TableBindingAdapter(FLitem.Table)

    ' using the datagridview to show the bindtable which is the selected rows
    DataGridView1.DataSource = FLbind
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