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I am using a selectFeature control for a point layer in OpenLayers 2.12. I have a problem after removing the selectFeature control from the map.

The reason why I want to remove the control is because the target layer of the control is destroyed and a new one is added every time the map is moved.

In this process I also remove the selectFeature control from the map and add a new one for the updated layer. But that does not work properly. After the first move/zoom event of the map get the following error:

Error: getFeatureFromEvent called on layer with no renderer. This usually means you destroyed a layer, but not some handler which is associated with it.

Here is a version of the function refresh, which is called on any pan/zoom event of the map:

var mylayer;
var mycontrol;
refresh = function(){

     // Remove previous layers and controls
    if(mylayer != null){

    // Get mylayer
    mylayer = new OpenLayers.Layer.Vector("GeoJSON", 

    // Add layer and selectFeature control
    mycontrol = new OpenLayers.Control.SelectFeature(mylayer,{  
        onSelect: function(e) {
        $("#tmpOutput1").html( + "\n" +;



To solve the problem I had to change the layer/control removal to this:

if(mylayer != null){


Note that here the order matters (at least in my example): first remove the control, then remove the layer.

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In my opinion there is an issue with layer removal. To my understanding the function OpenLayers.Layer.destroy() will not remove the layer from map; according to the API docs, its mission is "to alleviate cyclic references which the Javascript garbage cleaner can not take care of on its own" (

To remove a layer, after calling the destroy() function, you must call the function OpenLayers.Map.removeLayer() (

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