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I collected 5 sets of coordinates of moving vehicles and I want to play the scene using googlemaps API showing those 5 vehicles moving. The sets are saved in a postgresql table.

is it possible ? if yes how ?

what I found for the moment is only one vehicle.

Thanks in advance


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Are these 'moving vehicles' live? Google Maps API terms 10.2 c You must not use the Service or Content"(iii) enterprise dispatch, fleet management, business asset tracking or similar applications" – Mapperz Nov 8 '12 at 15:56

Yes it is possible. One way would be to make a php webservice that sends either part or all of the vehicle traces as a json output to a website. On your website you could have javascript that handles the displaying of a Google Map and also creates markers representing your vehicles. Then you could set a javascript timer that updates the map by requesting the gps location of the vehicles from the server at a specific time (or it could just go through a large json object returned from the server when the page loads).

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