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I am using PyQGis API to create a custom application.

How do I allow users to select features with the mouse? Is there a mapTool for this? Surely with a product as powerful as QGis there must be.

Thanks in advance

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Have you looked at qgisworkshop.org/html/workshop/plugins_tutorial.html? It is a tutorial about building a Qgis plugin. –  GreyHippo Nov 9 '12 at 13:24

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There is a class you can inherit from called QgsMapTool which you can override the mouse events to handle user actions.

Like so: https://github.com/NathanW2/qmap/blob/master/src/plugin/point_tool.py

You can find objects under the mouse click for example using code like this:

searchRadius = (QgsTolerance.toleranceInMapUnits( 5, layer, 
               self.canvas.mapRenderer(), QgsTolerance.Pixels))
        rect = QgsRectangle()
        rect.setXMinimum( point.x() - searchRadius );
        rect.setXMaximum( point.x() + searchRadius );
        rect.setYMinimum( point.y() - searchRadius );
        rect.setYMaximum( point.y() + searchRadius );

        layer.select( layer.pendingAllAttributesList(), rect, True, True)    
        for feature in layer:
             # do something with the feature
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Could you fix the link please? I think it's broken. –  underdark Mar 28 '13 at 16:52

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