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I am using ArcGIS desktop 10 and I would like to change a 2D polygon into 3D building.

Does anyone have any idea from where I can download the 3D building generator tool for ArcGIS Desktop?

I read about this tool here.

This tool gives various features and can build complex roof tops for building sites. With this tool I can develop a rounded roof in 3D ..etc

Moreover, any suggestions how I can import this 3D buildings in a web service using asp.net and C#?

Any help please?

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I've done a little searching but can't find it. Did find someone else asking the question about a year ago though, no reply: forums.arcgis.com/threads/38957-3D-Building-Generator-Toolbar - maybe someone else will have better luck –  GIS-Jonathan Nov 9 '12 at 9:22

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I am not aware of this tool, and cannot find much mention of it outside the whitepaper you linked to. I think it is a proprietary toolbar, which may or may not be available for commercial use.

This type of operation is often performed using FME, which has been improved in recent years to allow the creation of 3D buildings with different shapes, styles and tiled images to give the impression of a full 3D model.

Such processes in FME are outlined in a number of articles on FMEpedia:

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