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I am creating a FrameCloud popup instance and adding to the map using the following code:

  var popup = new OpenLayers.Popup.FramedCloud("popup",
                '<div> test context </div>',   
                null, true);


Popup is displayed at the correct location but with a transparent background probably because I am using a local copy of OpenLayers.js instead of the public version. For local deployment, where do I put the resources found under the img folder required by OpenLayers?

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Answer lies in available as part of the OpenLayer download package. Local deployment requires the theme and img directories be deployed in same directory as OpenLayers.js. Not really what I want to do but that was the missing link.

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if you want to overwrite image path, you can use this code with adding it to begining of your script.

OpenLayers.ImgPath = "img/";

i hope it helps you...

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