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I'm new to Openlayers and GIS in general. I have a WMS request followed by the addLayer method, and surrounded by the addition and deletion of a 'loading' class to an HTML element:

Map.currentOverlay = new OpenLayers.Layer.WMS(name, Constants.webServices.wms, {
    format: 'image/png',
    tiled: false,
  }, {
    getURL: Projection.getDefaultOverlayUrl 
if (Map.currentOverlay != null) {
  Map.currentOverlay.initialZoom = map.zoom;
  Map.currentOverlay.isBaseLayer = false;
  Map.currentOverlay.visibility = true;{moveend: Map.__onZoomUpdate});

My goal is to add a loading gif in a dialog window (with CSS) while the layer is not displayed yet. According to this post: the request is done in the addLayer method. But it seems asynchronous: the class 'loading' is added and removed straight away, while the map is not yet displayed. Can I add a callback or something similar to addLayer ? If not, how do I do?

NB: I didn't produce the above code, I just added the "loading" behaviour. Do not hesitate to tell me if something seems wrong with it.

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You can use the loadstart and loadend events on the layer to handle this. This example ( shows the basics of how to get it working.

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You can find the following example useful:

Essentialy, the OpenLayers API gives you the layer events 'loadstart', 'loadend' and 'tileloaded'. When you register these events, you can 'hook' functions that, for example, can show a loading indicator.

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Thanks to both of you. – pH Cito Nov 13 '12 at 13:10

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