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I am now working in grass and I want to extract raster values from several images to a shapefile. I have already created the columns in the .shp where the raster values will be stored but I am facing difficulties on how will I make the loop...

What I want is to extract the values of image_1 to column_a, values of image_2 to column_b etc etc... The problem that I have is that I can't make the loop for two variables (raster image and shapefile column) together... It must be easy but I am new in grass and bash in general as you must have already understood.

The command that I used is "v.what.rast"

Thank you!

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You can create a loop to iterate through your data using v.what.rast. If you update your field names with an integer (e.g. column_1, column_2 ..), the following loop should work.

    for image in `g.mlist type=rast patt=*image_regexp*`
      v.what.rast vector=target_vector raster=$image column=column_$1

I'm almost certain that you'll need to import your Shp file into the GRASS native vector format using, because as far a I know, v.external creates a read-only link to the dataset.

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Yes! This is the answer! Thank you very much! – Vilen Nov 12 '12 at 11:52

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