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Trying to figure out a way of doing this via arcpy, but don't see anything remotely related to this. My raster dataset is a GRID.

    'pPixBlock is an IPixelBlock

    'sets raster to be one column and one row in size
    pSizePoint.SetCoords(1, 1)

    pPixBlock = praster.CreatePixelBlock(pSizePoint)

Any insights will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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arcpy is not meant to be feature-equivalent to ArcObjects. What exactly is the desired end result? You might be able to use numpy for it. – blah238 Nov 15 '12 at 3:32

If you want extract a portion of a raster to a numpy array, you can use RasterToNumPyArray

The orther way arround you can create a numpy array and write the value's to a raster: NumPyArrayToRaster

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