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Is there a way to get the type of all the layers in an OpenLayer maps object? What I am trying to do is iterate over all the layers in my OpenLayers map object and populate a dropdown list with the names of only the vector layers. All my vector layers come from a remote GeoServer and are WFS.

Here is the code I currently have that gets the names of the layers and populates a dropdown with the names. This code works fine;

function listLayers() {
var mLayers = map.layers; //set a variable to the layers array in the map object
document.getElementById("drpLayers").options.length = 0; // clear any existing options from the dropdown list

for (var a = 0; a < mLayers.length; a++) { //loop through the map layers array
    var opt = document.createElement("option");//create an option object in the dropdown
    opt.text = mLayers[a].name; //add the name of the layer for this dropdown list option to the text attribute of the option object
    opt.value = mLayers[a].name; //add the name of the layer for this dropdown list option to the value attribute of the option object
    document.getElementById("drpLayers").options.add(opt); //add the option object to the dropdown list

I thought I could just modify this code to something like this:

opt.text = mLayers[a].type 

or perhaps this:

opt.text = mLayers[a].class

but neither way works. When I look at the OpenLayers documentation I cannot find a layer property that describes the layer type. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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Try with a code like this

var layers = map.layers[0];

You should get a string like "OpenLayers.Layer.OSM" or "OpenLayers.Layer.WMS".

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Dariapra - You have solved the problem. Thank you for sharing you knowledge. Here is the code I used to loop through the layers in my map: function getLayerByClass() { var mLayers = map.layers; for (var a = 0; a < mLayers.length; a++) { var str = "Layer name is: " + mLayers[a].name + " Layer geo_type is: " + mLayers[a].CLASS_NAME; alert(str); }; – Todd Krueger Nov 18 '12 at 20:50

As in this answer - you can grab a list of your Vector layers directly, simply by stating your target class type:


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