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I have a cadastral map similar to this one from an ArcGIS Javascript API example:

Cadastral map

What I would like to do is selecting several parcels clicking on them and show the information related in a sidebar or floating panel. For example, I would like to select that big house on the right side and then few more spread on the map. Every time I click on one, I would like the application to show the information associated AND not losing that selection when clicking on a new one. In the end, I should have an array of selected features (or similar) that maybe I can re-use later.

I have tried Feature Layer with Selection example, but it does not fully fit my requirements, because depending on the distance between features, I can't select two of them without selecting many more that I do not need.

Is this possible? Can anyone explain the process?

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Sounds like you want to select features and not clear the selection graphics layer each time you click a feature. If you're using a FeatureLayer, you would use SELECTION_ADD instead of SELECTION_NEW to add the selected features as you click on them.

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Yes, exactly what I was looking for! If anyone a part of ADD features, also have to SUBTRACT features, here there is an example I found to do these operations with "click" and "Shift+Click". Pretty useful! Thanks @raykendo! – iamgin Nov 21 '12 at 21:55
data on fiddle was broken. here it is updated with states data – David Wilton Sep 15 '15 at 2:50

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